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Advance Praise for Boomer Reinvention!

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

Founder/CEO, Thrive Global

"This inspiring and yet very practical book gives us a step by step guide to tap into our second act career."

Ken Burns


"It's never too late and things are never so bad that a new chapter can't begin. Here's the toolbox: joyously useful and hugely indispensable."

Lisa Birnbach

Terry Bradwell

EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, AARP

"A candid and accurate portrayal of the current boomer reality, providing hope, encouragement, and even a bit of humor!"

Chris Farrell

Marc Freedman

Founder/CEO, Encore.org, Author, "The Big Shift"

"John Tarnoff brilliantly unravels the personal journey necessary to reap the rewards of an encore career."

Retirement Is SO Over!

No one saw this coming.

Most baby boomers (born 1946-1964) haven’t saved enough money for retirement, and need to continue working in sustainable, engaging, and purposeful careers.

But how is it possible to fight against corporate downsizing, early retirement buy-outs, and rampant ageism?

Boomer Reinvention is the answer.

A personal development approach to discovering, nurturing and defining the new second-act career that’s already inside you.

The book’s 5-Step methodology contains 23 practical and accessible strategies to turn your new job or new business idea into a reality.

Who you are:

  • One of the "working worried?" At your job for 10 or more years, but expecting any day could be your last?
  • Downsized, bought-out or let go because you're too old? Ageism and corporate myopia are epidemic. Why are you not appreciated for your wisdom & experience?
  • Adrift in the "new" economy? Knowing you want to pivot to a meaningful, purposeful, second-act career, but have no idea where to turn or how to start?

What you'll learn:

  • Reconcile past issues that have clouded your confidence and your resolve.
  • Redefine who you are, what you want to do, and why you want to do it.
  • Devise a practical and personal reinvention plan that leverages your experience and your wisdom.
  • Build an active professional network so you can work where, when, and how you want to work.

Retirement Is Not an Option.

About the author...

John Tarnoff is a reinvention career coach, speaker and author who helps his fellow baby boomers transition to meaningful and sustainable careers beyond traditional retirement.

Fired 39% of the time over his 35-year career as a Los Angeles-based film producer, studio executive and tech entrepreneur, he reinvented himself at age 50, going back to school to earn a counseling M.A. in Spiritual Psychology.  

From 2003-2009, he served as Head of Show Development for DreamWorks Animation, developing culture-changing creative leadership training and college recruiting programs. Currently, in addition to his coaching/speaking practice, he co-runs the Los Angeles-based Entertainment Industry Management master’s degree program for Carnegie Mellon University.

Reinvention Is JUST Getting Started.

Boomer Reinvention Worksheets

Use the Worksheets found in the book to chart your progress and workshop your reinvention plan.

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